Moors and Christians in Calpe

Moors and Christians in Calpe

Below we bring you the agenda of upcoming fiesta of  Moors and Christians 2011 in the town of Calpe. This year the festivities begins on Friday 21 October  and will run until Tuesday 25 October.


Friday 21 October

13:00 h. Bells toll and fire crackers.

19:30 h. marching band parade.

20:30 h. great opening of the fiesta, flags hoisting, parade and offering of candles.

24:00 h. parade and reenactments

01:00 h. Dance of the Flag Bearer of the Association at the Plaça del Mosquit.


Saturday 22 October

11:30 h. Concentration in City Hall.

12:00 h..Mass in the Plaza Mayor fire crackers show and procession with the Holy Christ statue to the church

19:30 h. Concentration in City Hall.

20:00 h. solemn procession and firework show at the Plaza Mayor.

24:00 h..Ball organized by the Christian Side in the Plaza San Salvador.


Sunday 23 October

19:00 h. Parade with the entry of Christian and Moor sides

1:00 h. parade and reenactments

01:30 h. Ball organized by the Moor Side.


Monday 24 October

11:00 h. Landing and the first battle reenactment .

18:00 h. Children’s Parade.

21:00 h. Speech, 2nd Battle and “Miracle”


Tuesday 25 October

20:00 h. Mass for the Dead