Tomorrow Friday 19 May we have a new appointment with “La Llegada de los Bárbaros” is a comedy theater play within the 6th “Antonio Ferrer, El Cartero” National Amateur Theater Contest.

The play is taking place at 21:00 at the Auditorium of Calpe’s Casa de Cultura the House (Masnou Ave.)

“The Arrival of the Barbarians” (“La Llegada de los Bárbaros”) is a play written by José Luis Alonso de Santos, directed by Reyes Ruiz and performed by Áriba Theater Company. The play tells the story of a security guard with the only task to make sure nobody sits on a bench, but a man of intellectual aspect insisted in go against that decides to sit and not to stand up, assuming all the consequences it might have.

The plot follows a situation typical of the theater of the absurd, which reflects about the structure of our society.