This summer there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Calpe along your family, and today we would like to bring you the full information of one of the best activities to enjoy during the hot summer nights: beach film sessions at Arenal-Bol and La Fossa beaches.

The sessions will start at 22:00 h. and you can bring snacks, drinks and even your dinner to the movies!

Check below the schedule of the upcoming movies at the beach summer cinema:

15 August: The secret Life of Pets at Arenal-Bol Beach.

17 August: 600 Miles at Arenal-Bol Beach.

22 August: Finding a Dory at La Fossa Beach.

24 August: Pixels at Arenal-Bol Beach.

29 August: Kung Fu Panda 3 at La Fossa Beach.

31 August: Suicide Squad at Arenal-Bol Beach.

We’ll be waiting for you in at Calpe’s summer nights by the sea!